Saturday, February 13, 2010

Some questions if you can help me

1 - I am wanting to buy a set of COPIC markers. I wanted to know if you know of a place who has good prices on sets? Do you color with them?

2 - Im looking for somewhere to buy buttons, where do you find yours?

3 - What do you use for your backdrop when you take pictures?

Thanks in advance for your help! :) Hope your having a lovely weekend, its a fabulous 65 degrees and sunny!


Heather Jensen said...

favorite button: Papertrey ink
favorite backdrop: Natural light is ALWAYS best....with white background.
Copics: Papertrey INK has them in sets of 3...which is how you need to buy them for shading.(3 shades of the same color) and best price unless you buy them on Copics blog in a big set.
I don't have any Copics yet. I am waiting because they are SO expensive and I want to buy alot at one need a bunch to color with.
Hope that helped.

Star Rork said...

Im not answering because Im jealous of that weather! lol
Cant really help you with any of those because I dont have the markers or any backdrops. I usually buy the Autumn Leaves big bag of buttons. Oriental Trading has some good prices. And Etsy has adorable handmade buttons, but can be pricey.
Have Fun when you do get what you want!

Off The Wall Craftiness said...

Oooh ooh ooh! I got a set of 12 Copic Ciaos at Joanns online with a coupon code ( TEF58B) for $32.94 total after shipping, then just buy the blending colors between for shading! And did you see the new papertrey buttons? To die for :) Hope this helps!

Jinny Newlin said...

I don't know much about Copics. I'm a watercolor girl. I'll try them out one day, but I love buttons, too. Papertrey has gorgeous ones, but I pick them up just about anywhere... including Hobby Lobby. I'm sorry that you don't have one around where you live. That stinks! I use natural light and nothing much for a background. I end up cropping my pictures pretty close to the edge of the card, but Jennifer McGuire has a great tutorial on how she takes her pictures on her blog this week. Check it out! I may have to play around a little :).

Jinny Newlin said...

Oops! It wasn't Jennifer's blog that had the picture taking advice. It was Lisa Spangler's... So sorry! Hope that I didn't lead you astray. I guess any trip to Jennifer's blog is well worth it, though.

Tracey said...

Jenny these links are all about Copics from my Hero Arts Flickr there some where is a site that states the cheapest way to get the even get a better price if you register on that site!!! It may even be in Cali!

Tanya Tahir said...

I don't have copics so can't help you there. I love to browse Etsy for cool buttons :) I have a few links on my blog to my faves - Kitty Robot, Lil Red Rocket and also My Little Bit of Whimsy has funky buttons that i love.

Julie Ranae said...

You may want to try and set up just some 12x12 cardstock behind your cards...that's what I do alot of times.

Visit my blog over at Julie's Open Window and take a look, you'll see a variety of backgrounds mostly using cardstock.

While you are there, hope you will sign on to follow...lots of new things each day!

Found you by way of my dear friend Mona Pendleton...she is on our DT over at The Play Date Cafe.