Thursday, June 28, 2012

Project Life update and news!

Hi everyone! Hope your week is going great!

Did you happen to catch Craft Wars Tuesday? It was so great. My friend Christy was on the show, I just love what she did. I wont spoil it for anyone but if you haven't caught the show, you shouldn't miss it! Its on TLC. I would LOVE to try out for the show but I am TERRIBLE under pressure. I would crack LOL!

I am counting down the days until I can spill the beans on one of my secrets! Only a few more days to go until I can shout it from the roof!! I am SO excited!!


First I am sharing Week 19, 20 & 21:

Left Side:

For this week, my theme is Echo Park papers!

We had a wonderful dinner at an Italian restaurant. We had lots of fun and giggles. And I showed her this week how to flat iron her hair and how to do some other things with her hair.


Right side:

This week was also my daughters first Choir concert. She was so great! She loves to sing, its one of her passions. Sorry some of it is blurred, I had to blur out the names of her school and classmates.

I'm a proud mommy!! Shes so fabulous!


Week 20-21 Left Side:

The theme for these weeks is Dear Lizzy.

This week was fun and hard. Mothers Day weekend I got a wonderful breakfast from my hubby and my DD gave me a sweet handmade gift and hubby gave me flowers too. We had the solar eclipse this week. I watched my nephew on the weekend. And I sadly had to take my daughter to the hospital. Her asthma was giving her trouble. But she is ok now.

The pup and kitty getting along! hehe

Carmellas first bath. She was not happy LOL!

Right side:

We also had some fun this week. I got to spend allot of time with my nephew. We had a blast hanging out together. And hubby put up some pretty climbing flowers in the planters. I got lots of happy mail which I LOVE!

Just a great month. Better than Feb-Mar-Apr which was pretty hard for me. I am so glad to finally have some happiness in my life. Its nice for a change. 


Thanks for letting me share my Project Life today and sharing my daily life with you. I hope you enjoy what I share and find inspiration in my work. 

Let me know if you like seeing the supply list or not. It takes allot of time to put it together and I want to make sure it is useful for everyone.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!


Laura O'Donnell said...

your pages are fantastic!

Laurel said...

What a fabulous post, so full of amazing pages and bits!

Ruza Rebel said...

Great post! Glad that you are doing better! ;o)

Leah Burgett said...

Love your pages!! Great post!

Alice Wertz said...

love love all the details in each of the little pieces and the photos are so fun to see! thanks so much for sharing, Jenny!

Court said...

I always love seeing the supply lists. I know they take a lot of time. You tease! We still have to wait to hear your news!?!

Ren-Yi said...

fabulous! :) i especially love the detail pics of each pane and the mini collage pics! can't wait to hear your news...

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous card, great sentiment. PSD to WordPress

Sandy Ang said...

Totally loving your PL design style !