Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Project Life SOLUTION!

Hi everyone! (: (: Hope you are having a great week.

I have jumped on the Project Life train and love it! I chose the Clementine Edition, but I also ordered a core kit of the Amber edition. I just love both. Have you heard of Project Life? If not check it out HERE.

Since I got my goodies I have been desperately trying to find an organizational solution for my PL core kit and all the goodies I bought to embellish my PL pages. I got a few goodies I love from Elle's Studio and many others.

So I was in my office and happened to be staring at my Bill Organizer that I never use now that I pay everything online. Then it hit me, its the perfect size and has a nice draw for extras. YAY! Finally! A solution to my problem! 

I took out the slats in the Bill Organizer and only added back ones where I needed them to separate my PL goods.

Look how great everything fits so perfectly! If you are looking for the perfect storage and you have one of these, do what I did! If you dont have one, you can find these at the thrift shops. Thats where I found mine.

The papers fit perfectly and I just added the slats back where needed.

More room for my 7 gypsies stamps, mini stapler, Elles Studio goodies and more.

a place to store my little rolls of washi tape

more storage for my little extras

Im so happy with this solution ... it was great having a light bulb go off and figuring out a good use for my unused bill organizer. I hope I have helped some of you find a solution for your project life or even maybe your other storage problems.

I am very OCD about having great organization in my room LOL ... now my PL storage problem has been fixed and im happy! (:

Thanks for dropping in!
Have a wonderful week!!! (: (:


Laura O'Donnell said...

this is perfect! I still have my cards in the BH box and the small ones are still in all of the boxes. Its a lot of work to open and leaf thru each of the little boxes! I should do something like this.

Libby Hickson said...

Love this! Now I need to go out in search of the perfect bill holder...! :-)

Sarah Martina said...

I grabbed a bill holder just like this months ago and have been wondering how on earth I'd use it (since I pay my bills online, too). THANK YOU for posting this! It's such a great solution!

Lisa H. said...

awesome! love how it all looks together, so pretty! :)

abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Such a fun idea! This holds a lot!

Angie Blom said...

This is amazing Jenny I am using the PL digital and doing a hybrid version my own way but I love how you have this all set up!

AJ said...

oh wow Jenny- GREAT idea- LOVE this!! I need it all laid out or I forget to use the stuff- this is awesome! hope you are well- hugs!! :)