Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy First Birthday!

Yes, thats right! It's the first birthday of The Craft's Meow! YAY!
Happy One Year and many more to Lisa and The Craft's Meow! I love being a part of TCM as a Stamp Illustrator and Designer. Lisa is a wonderful lady, friend and business woman. I wish her continued success for many years to come!

Its so great watching The Crafts Meow grow and getting to be a part of it!

We have great things coming this month to celebrate! Stay tuned! PLEASE share the badge above on your blogs and spread the word... This will also be important when it comes to winning prizes, so stay tuned for more about that later! Link back to or grab the badge code on the TCM blog HERE.


TCM has 1,285+ friends on our Facebook Page! now ... How about we invite more people to join us?  
  • If we get to 1,500 friends by March 31st I will award a $25 Gift Certificate to a randomly drawn friend to spend in the TCM store AND to the friend who referred her/him!!!
  • If we get to 1,750 friends by March 31st, I will bump it up to a $50 Gift Certificate to each!!!
  • If we get to 2,000 friends by March 31st, I will bump it up to a $100 Gift Certificate to each!!! 
Can we get to 2,000??? You betcha!!! Please like us on Facebook if you don't already, and if you do, then please share our Facebook page with your friends. Remember, you have a chance to win both as a friend and as the one who refers the winner to our page!!!

And join in tomorrow over at TCM for a special blog hop.


Happy Birthday TCM and congrats Lisa!! (: (: 

You can visit TCM HERE and wish them a happy birthday/anniversary!!

Thanks for visiting!!
Stay tuned... more to come!

Have a great day!

Jenny Suchin

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Happy Birthday TMC!! I've added the special link to my blog page here: