Monday, January 23, 2012


I only need 4 more WEE MEMORIES FACEBOOK friends to get to 1000 followers! Can you help me? When we hit 1000 I will be doing ANOTHER giveaway on my Facebook page only.

And did you see the giveaway that is happening now HERE. I am giving away a HUGE prize pack!! Don't miss it!!


I will be gone Saturday - Wednesday this coming weekend for CHA (Craft and Hobby Assoc. Show)!! I am so excited! If you are going be sure to be on the lookout for me! AND if you want to get my updates for CHA, join me on Twitter. The link is on my sidebar.

And welcome to all the newest friends (followers) here on my blog! Thank you for joining my blog! I will be back with some cards to share with you! :) Have a great day! 

Jenny Suchin


Cindy C. said...

Just became you FB friend!

Carly said...

Have liked you on FB :)

Congrats! on having so many fans! ...

xoxoxo Carly

Jessica said...

Hi Jenny, happy to be following your blog now and following you over on FB. Congrats on reaching 1000 Likes!!!
Jessica S
There are some giveaways at my blog from the Blog Hop yesterday if you wanna stop by and get in the draw!!!

Beatriz Farquhar-Guzman said...

Count on me!!!!!! Have fun!

Starla B. said...

I'm sure you've already reached your goal, but I'm heading over to your FB page anyway! =D