Monday, June 27, 2011

News and Reminder!

Hi all, happy Monday!! ;)
For my CRAFTS MEOW POST, please click HERE or see below this post.

Reminder that the Design Team call ends on Thursday, so if you plan to get your application in and haven't yet .. be sure to get it in this week. See the DT call HERE. Those that have sent in your application, I have received them and there are tons so please wait to hear from me till after the call is over. Thank you!

Those waiting on emails and packages from me, I will be clearing my inbox and mailing packages this week. So just hang with me a little longer and I will answer you this week. Thanks for being so patient while im going through some issues with my health.

And just an update on me if you didn't see it in the post below. I am doing a ton better, some days are worse than others like today its really bothering me. I go to therapy tomorrow so hopefully that will help allot, it sure helped last week. I see the specialist next month, have to wait because they are booked solid. Managing my pain with meds, rest and therapy until my specialist appointment. I finally was actually able to craft a little last night which felt good to do, I miss my craft room. I hope to get back to crafting bit by bit, slowly but surely!! I miss it. But after work and sitting at the office as long as I can then coming and sitting again is not what I want to do. I have been working on my stamp designs off and on as I try to sit a little here and there at the computer, I cant wait for you all to see them in August!! :D So excited!

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and prayers! You all are so sweet and I read each message!! If you want more up to date updates on me you can always find me updating my Facebook (so easy to do from my phone in bed lol) ... you can send me a friend request HERE.

Have a great week everyone!
Im looking forward to our long vacation, we leave Friday and wont be back  till the following Sunday. Off to the beach for some R&R!!

:) :) :) Jenny

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Isha said...

Glad to know you are feeling better than before Jenny. Take care and dont over do things. Thinking of you.