Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Copic Marker refills help!

Hi all...

Just a quick question. :) :)
Anyone know where I can get my Copics (sketch) refilled and cleaned for a good price? Where I can ship them to be done? I need some of mine done asap and no one locally does it here.

If you know of a good place. Leave a message here or email me HERE.

Thanks for the help!


Lorie a.k.a.The Peddler said...

Jenny: I use my local craft store. Look up Photo Scraps in Eldersburg, Maryland. The owner's name is Tracy. She offers this service.

Carisa said...

Hmmm, I refill them myself. oozak has great prices for the refills and it's so economic as I can refill them 10x's over with one bottle. As for cleaning you can put a few drops of colorless blender just as you would refill it to clean out any clogs. Personally, I wouldn't want to pay shipping for something I can do myself. ;)

Debra said...


I have purchased really reasonable refills from this place and they have great customer service.

Michelle Single said...

My Favorite Things will refill all 3 types fairly reasonably if you're still looking