Thursday, February 25, 2010

Great deals and GIVEAWAY!

I went to Michael's today to use my Martha coupon, extra 20% off. Well lo and behold they are clearancing allot of her stuff .... like flock, microbeads, tinsel, glitter, ribbon, glue, etc. I got 8 jars of flock in different colors, 3 of beads, 2 of tinsel, and 3 spools of ribbon, and decorative tape all for $17... They were on clearance for $1.49 then use the 20% off! It was awesome to get so much! RUN to Michael's to get yours and see if they are clearancing her goodies!

And to sweeten my giveaway I will be including some other Martha Stewart goodies with the punch. So get the word out! :)

ps: can anyone help me find a good tutorial on how to get a 3 column blogger layout? thanks!

pss: look at this great storage for cassettes that can be used for ink pads, its only $20 and free shipping... I just ordered one!! HERE


Felicia said...


I found a bunch of links when I googled 3 column blogger templates. Hope that helps.

Loved the cassette tape storage idea!!

Tried to get over to Michaels all week but never made it lol. I am shopped out for Feb. Have you seen ? ITS CRAZY! You gotta check it out!

Hope you had a great week!

Softpencil said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog!!! ;)

Gwen said...

Oh my, I had a cassette storage spinner...wonder if I pitched it? I knew I shouldn't clean and sort!

Angie Blom said...

Sweet Martha finds.. I was there last week and got tons of valentine's punches.. I love all her stuff. thanks for a chance to win some more.

mdog said...

OOOH I have to go and check it out. Thanks.

dclouser said...

Thanks for the info. I signed up to follow your cool blog!

My Angel said...

Great Martha bargains you found!! I signed to follow your new blog!!

Rona said...

your blog looks great!! I wish I was close enough to a Michaels to find deals. I only go once in a great while and don't usually find much. My money all goes to Unity! LOL