Sunday, November 14, 2010

A wee bit of organization 101

Happy Sunday!
Hope your having a wonderful day!

So, you all said you would love some organization tips! Well im here to share in my opinion some tips that work for me that I hope will work for you as well. And I want to start with the basics for getting organized.

First things first, for any organization, in my opinion is to have a Labeler!! Its a MUST!
I have the Brother P-Touch. Love it! You can get different colored labels - like pink ;)

Second, take your time! You dont have to rush! If you are not one that likes to organize very much, just take one thing at a time. Like decluttering and condensing just your Patterned Paper for today, then maybe the next day do the same for your Ribbon or Buttons, and so on.

What I like to do before I start any project in my home is 'de-clutter' the room. And im sure, as I have, we all have accumulated so many scrapbook supplies that we feel overwhelmed at times with it all because if your like me you never put it away immediately. So to eliminate that and help with having to de-clutter is having a drawer as a 'catch all'. I have a large drawer which I have labeled 'Current Projects'. What I like to put in there is new supplies that I need to put away, for me - sponsor prizes that im saving till its time to mail, and projects that I have to work on soon. This way you have a place for whats coming in. That way your not just putting it on the floor, on top of a shelf, etc. Also it wont get lost or messed up if it has a place. 

For me when things dont have their 'place' I get very frustrated. Thats why in your second step after getting your 'catch all' drawer is condensing, decluttering and this will help to free up space. For me I know I have allot of Patterned Paper, Buttons, Bling, Brads, Stamps, Ribbon, and supplies and as we know some just gets outdated and/or we are just never going to use it. For example, I had patterned paper that I bought a year ago that I know now I really shouldn't have bought (lol) but I did and im just not going to use it because if I haven't used it by now im never going to. So go through your supplies and condense. What you decide that you are going to let go of make an effort to maybe sell or donate to a friend. But don't let it just sit around.

Once you have de-cluttered and condensed your supplies we can talk more about organizing what you want to keep in your space. I will bring that up in next weeks post. Here's a picture of my cardstock that I have condensed and organized so that I can easily access it:

Also, I realized over time that I have shopped at my LSS, I love the patterned paper. Its pretty!! But I have really started to try to remember to tell myself some key things before deciding to buy it! First, am I really going to use it. Second, how soon am I going to use it. Third, do I really need it or just want it because its pretty. Going over these things before I make a purchase of PP or any SB supplies is key to keeping me from going overboard on my spending. I have found I do this and it works, and I spend less but also have more for things I really use and need. Try it if you don't already! :)

And my question for you this week is: I would love to know, how big is your Scrap Space? I think it will help me to really help you in organizing especially if you have a small space.

And please let me know if you find my tips helpful and would like to know more. I would love to continue sharing but I want to make sure its beneficial. :) :) :)

Thank you for letting me share with you today!
Have a great day!!

Happy Everything


buglvr2010 said...

Great tip...I need all the help I can get. I look forward to reading more. My craft space is in the loft but the room also has some of my daughter's toys and books...this adds to the clutter but is "supposed" to entertain her when I'm up there.

Debra said...

Thanks for the tip and please keep them coming. My scrap space takes over my entire living room (thus the need for organization) My scrap space should be just a quarter of that! Plus the Armoires, plus the L shaped get the picture LOL Thanks again

Barb said...

Glad you're doing these posts, Jenny. My favorite tip today is the catch all drawer. Those things always sit off to the side of my desk and my actual work space gets smaller and smaller! Thanks, "sis!" :)

April said...

I love talking about organization! I'm one of those people who continually reorganizes things but it's a must for me because I have a teeny-tiny space to scrap in. It's pretty much my computer desk and a small area to the left of it. So any organization tip are always helpful to me!
- April W

Julie said...

I love your organisation tips,if you need my help with this,just come by and you can show me the best way to organise my amazingly disorganised area, I say area,it's actually the dining room so I need to get out and put away my stash everytime I craft.This makes my drawers untidy as I usually craft for longer than I mean to then tidy in a hurry! TTFN Julie.x

Cassie said...

Great tips, Jenny! My space is actually extremely small. I use 1/3 of a 'not-so walk-in' closet. I look forward to more tips ;D

rcwidow (Linda) said...

great tips, Jenny! I am lucky to have a spare room to use.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Wowwww! What a great idea!! I have half a room (the other half is Hubby's bowling stuff! LOL!) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Amber Sheaves said...

I'm lucky enough to have an entire room for a craft space. But I do share it with the kids and try to keep a section for their craft supplies and work area. Of course, they always end up in my space with their stuff everywhere.

Court said...

Love it! I have a 450 square foot house total - so everything has to hide. The smaller the better! :)

Lisa Petrella said...

Thanks for the tips! I'm very lucky to have a spare room totally dedicated to my crafting hobby. I've been in the process of reorganizing it and clearing out old stuff for weeks on end now---I no sooner begin to make some progress and then I create a card oroject and make a big old mess again. HA! One step forward, two steps back kinda thing.

Erum Tasneem said...

wow! this is great Jenny! Keep em commin babay!

jintyoo7 said...

Fantastic post, Jenny. Thought I was sort of organized until I read it - LOL. I am lucky enough to have a whole room. I do hoard things and things that I have bought years ago - good job the stuff is archival, right? I am not sure if I could part with it though :o( Look forward to next tip/s

Emily (stampingout on SCS) said...

I am so bad about buying patterned paper. I just keep buying it even though I have oodles that still sits unused! I guess there are worse addictions!